Birth card for Oliver with Humpback whale mum and het calf in the blue sea, illustration and graphic design by Els Vlieger

Oliver’s birth card

I was honoured to illustrate and design Oliver’s birth card, baby drink announcement and sticker. Oliver is the cutest and most adorable son of my former neighbour and I see him almost every week when he’s visiting his grandparents who live next door. 

Scuba diving is an important hobby and love for Oliver’s mum. The choice to use a Humpback whale and her calf on his birth card was a beautiful reference as well as an important symbol of the new period in her life.

For Oliver’s card illustration I started with (analog) painting the Humpback mother and her calf. After scanning and editing I composed the various drawings in Affinity photo and made the final illustration that formed the front and back of the double folded card. The bubbles above the pair form the letter O referring to the name Oliver.

Finally I did the full graphic design for both the birth card and baby drink announcement.

If you’re interested in a custom made birth card design feel free to contact me.

Illustrator, surface pattern designer, art historian in a former life, mom of 3 boys and an aussie

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